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It is Our Belief that Communication Between All Parties is Paramount

As one of the premier title agencies in the tri-state area since 2004, we have been providing fast and efficient results, with our complete focus on the specific needs of each client. We have a Real Estate Attorney on staff, are aware and can remedy all potential problems that may arise providing for smooth and efficient closings.

We work closely with the Realtor, Lender, and all parties involved. You can place your order easily either over the phone through our Pennsylvania office, via fax, or by using our online form.

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Judgment and Lien Searches

If you want to bid on a sheriff’s sale, or you want to refinance, the information obtained through a judgment and lien search (which is much less expensive than a full and complete title commitment) should be sufficient for your requirements – although the downside is that the liability of the title agency and searcher is limited to $1,000.

Tax Assessment Information

We can research your current assessment and give you a group of comparables to help you appeal your assessment, and we can refer attorneys and appraisers to represent you in your appeal.

Escrow & Disbursement of Settlement Funds

We can hold your deposit money, connect with your lender, and create a seamless closing.  We also disburse all funds to the seller, the realtors, the seller’s lender, taxes, and water and sewer bills. If there is a dispute with regard to the condition of the property you are purchasing, we can hold funds in escrow until the condition is remedied.

Preparation of Agreements of Sale

Our in-house counsel can assist you with Agreements of Sale, as well as changing names on deeds – to add children, or modify the names of the owners.

Rush Searches

We are capable of obtaining a complete title search within 48 hours.

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